Busy Month of July: Art Camp

This July Cannon Beach Art Association here in Oregon hosted our well received art camp. This year was the first year that adult classes were held. We have been housed in an elementary school for many years and now a few years in at the Cannon Beach Community Church.
What a wonderful venue with three floors of classroom space! We had 100 participants with the average age from 8-11 year olds. Many have returned.
I have been involved as an assistant for the past 3 years and it touches my heart when kiddos come up to me recognizing me from the previous years. I also get to participate and work with the teachers in their classrooms.
This year I sat in on a class entitled “Watercolor and Ink”. Since I have done some of this work, I wanted to experience any new techniques.
This painting was started in that class as fairly simple watercolor abstract. I played around with it and added Inktense stick paints for brightness, as well as black markers and a white acrylic Posca marker forming various shapes. I wanted straight lines to compliment the curving floral-like patterns. Anyways it was fun!

Traveling Again

Seattle, Washington has it all! It is only 100+ miles from our home but we rarely go there..why??  We decided to take the ferry from Bremerton which got us to Seattle’s busy dock with it’s Ferris Wheel and iconic space needle dominating the skyline. IMG_2856

We were meeting family members who live in a prairie state and were on their way to Alaska via a cruise line out of Seattle’s harbor. Our hotel was conveniently located near many attractions including the Space Needle, Chihuly’s Garden of Glass, and Frank Gehry’s Museum of Pop Culture.  We had the time to get to those attractions before our family reunion tomorrow.

If you are in Seattle and have an ounce of artistic blood, this Garden of Glass is a fantasy island come true.  The cost of admission was well worth the indoor view of the gorgeous masterpieces of Dale Chihuly. The outside gardens were blossoming with glass pieces  to match the colors of the flowers and bushes.  At night the tiny twinkling lights inside the outdoor pieces reflect the changing sky.

The Frank Gehry designed Museum of Pop Culture is truly amazing! I had to touch it and walk around it. It was inspiring! The monorail jets out from it, making the lines of the building and the transporter’s rails fit together like two great lovers.


It was so great we take my brother and his wife back there the next couple of days along with doing a Duck Boat ride across the street from the Space Needle.  I don’t have photos of that ride which goes along Pike Street Market and into a lake nearby.  Despite the possible dangers, it is a very popular tourist attraction.

If you are a culinary artist, well the restaurants are there to explore. Pick a cultural food and it is prepared with love and consideration any time of day. So happy for the inspirations of color, shape, line, and form and food in Seattle’s downtown.

As we walked around I spotted this street art!  I had to take the visuals home with me via my iPhone.

Juried in to Cannon Beach Arts Association’s new exhibit:  “Inn and Outer Landscapes”IMG_2586

Juried Into Oregon’s Cannon Beach Gallery for June!

Wow!  I did not expect my acrylic abstract on wood to be the one of the three admissions to go into the show.  This show was juried by Michael Monroe, Director of the Bellevue Art Museum.  Michael was generous to give us a discussion on what a judge of art admissions will look for.  For him, he looks for the past three years of accomplishment.  He also said that whatever the limited amount of admissions, per artist, should be brought in.  Then he can see a development over time.  I brought in my “Gorge Garden” Collage 15×22 below, cropped-cropped-cropped-fullsizeoutput_38af2.jpeg

and my watercolor and pen abstract called “Empire State”

Abstract #1
15″x22″ on Arches paper. Framed.


Which one would you choose?  I know I have posted these paintings before and will be somewhere on this blog.

How do We Stimulate the Art Muse?

One of my own ways to do so is to travel. I love connecting with new surroundings both interior and exterior. I have been traveling since 1989 when I first went to Mexico. Since then I have been to Europe 4 times, the Caribbean twice, Canada 3 times, Hawaii 13 times…well you get the picture. Obviously my husband and I love Hawaii. The fragrance, the botanicals and typography of the land reminds me that we all are in the process of renewal. Taking a boat ride out to the fresh lava pouring into the ocean stimulated my muse to create a mosaic which hangs over the gate to our garden.

One way I stimulated my muse is to take classes when possible in the travel destinations: I learned art quilting, acrylic & pastel painting from artists on The Big Island. I did plein air in Sedona. I also take classes from artists here, up and down the Oregon Coast. I try to stay connected to those artists and look at their artistic journeys both in business and creatively.

I have decided that wherever we go, there is art and I just have to look around to find it…where there are people, there is art.
This is the beginning of a few entries on stimulating the creative within. If you have any ideas of your own, I would love to hear from you!

Spring is Here in Oregon

Mixed Media on Arches Paper

Back to botanical classes at the Maritime Museum in Astoria with Dorota Haber-Lehigh, our great teacher and my friend.  In between taking apart daffodils and checking out their makings, I made this one.  It is a bit of a take off from one of my “Trio” boards.  It is glued on a contemporary wooden frame.


First Showing

My  first showing at the Hoffman Center in Manzanita, Oregon happened yesterday, February 2, 2018 in the afternoon from 2-4PM.  Since it was my first that I shared with other artists, I was a bit nervous.  Walking in I was met by family and friends and flowers! What a joyeous time.  Over the next 2 hours I answered questions about my pieces, appreciated other artist’s works, and enjoyed myself.

Today I went back to the gallery with more family to show the hangings and found out my first sale of the showing was the “French Village” which is the first collage piece above and the one used to promote the show!  It is very special to see people appreciate my work.  The purchasing is just the cherry on the top!



In-Between Projects

After completing a project like my three… no title yet…. 46X4X6 boards, each taking about a month, I want a bit of an artistic rest and decided to do some experimenting with media.  The first was taking two flora and doing them in a different style.

When I do a project with mostly acrylics, I seem to miss watercolors and oils as well as colored pencil designs….which is why I mixed these media when possible.

Below is two peonies two ways:  Both were initially watercolors on Arches #300lb (my favorite paper!).  But the top one, I added some acrylics through the POSCA marker.  I also used a bit of colored pencil to brighten the pedals so they can stand out.  Below the white and lavender peony is MOSTLY watercolor.  For the leaves I pull out all the stops and used all of the above media.  So this was a fun way to keep my skill alive but not do a long involved piece.

Peony Comparison


On-going Education

For me being an artist requires constant education.  About 8 years ago I decided to take a drawing class after some failed attempts at painting…everything looked brown.  I so admired people who could draw a person, place, or thing.  I could hardly draw a stick figure!  Since taking that class I have taken many more including watercolor, botanical drawing with colored pencil, mixed media with variety of papers, clay, life drawing with nude models, or whenever, however, or whatever is available.  I started this skill late in life and wanted to ‘catch up”!